6 Popular Office Interior Design Themes

Designing your office can be tricky as there are many themes that you need to choose from, but of course, one of the deciding factors is your niche. Most offices have chairs, desks, cluttering wires, dim lighting, and plants around. The struggle of designing an office is when themes are mixed up together which should not be. In this case, hiring an interior designer is the best option. However, if you are just a startup in the industry or the budget is limited, all you need to do is to do it yourself. Well, it might be challenging to do it yourself but first things first, be sure to pick a theme that is suitable to your office. To help you with this, let’s see these six favorite theme ideas for your office,

1. Modern

One of the most popular office themes is a modern design. When it comes to a modern office theme, it talks about being sleek in style. It usually involves glass and steel as the main elements in the office and modern office furniture Houston. The wires are not cluttered anywhere as they are innovating to be part of the design.

2. Minimalist

Modern style is known for its sleekness, but when it comes to ultra-cleanliness, minimalist is the thing. If you want your office to be neat and no extra stuff inside it then this one is the best. The selection of colors are neutral and often in one shade only. Also, it allows your workspace to be maximized and don’t need to spend extra on other things such as wall decor.

3. Traditional

If you are into the classic style, then go traditional. Mostly, the office furniture is in velvet, elegant, and detailed furnishings. The walls have decorations, and there are highly detailed curtains around. In a traditional style, layering is essential and part of the design.

4. Contemporary

Contemporary is always associated with modern style. Modern style is strict when it comes to designing if you said red then the hue is just red. When it comes to contemporary, it has a touch of modern, but it is not that strict as it can be bubbly at some times.

5. Industrial

Industrial is often used in the warehouse industry, but there are also some offices that inspired by this design. Some restaurants have industrial themes in their place. The industrial design shows a model with an unfinished touch, mostly known as raw.

6. Rustic

Rustic is somehow similar to industrial as it also used raw elements but more on wooden and stone features. It usually incorporated old stuff that is upcycled for a new unique purpose. This theme is often seen on wedding and other events, but offices are also adopting this kind of design.


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Designing your office can be fun too. You can even collaborate with your team of workers to redesign their corresponding departments according to your office theme. If you need more office furniture for your new office design, you can head to this showroom for great deals.