The Most Common Types of Performance Testing

As a business owner, you know how vital your business software is to your productivity. Whether it’s your website working properly when thousands of people flood it as once or your in-house software continuing to run fast as you expand your user base, you need to ensure your software can handle it. By performing some of the most common types of performance testing out there, you can ensure your business is ready for anything.

Load testing is one of the more commonly used performance tests out there. This works to check out a system will perform under an increased load. For example, checking your in-house software to see how many users can be actively using it before it reaches its threshold. Apica is one of the many load testing providers that can give you the information you need to run your business efficiently. By understanding how many users you can have accessing your in-house software at once, you can have an idea of how many employees you can hire before you need to undergo the expense of upgrading your current software programs.

Stress testing is another form of performance testing that business owners can use to check the stability of their software. The whole idea behind this type of testing is to max out your software beyond hardware capabilities and then see how quickly it can recover from the stress applied to it. This type of test can also be referred to as fatigue testing and is all about checking the stability of the application and its bandwidth capacity.

Endurance testing, also called soak testing, is all about pushing your system beyond its designed working period to see how it reacts. For example, if your system is designed to work actively for six hours at a time, this test will run the system for say nine hours to see how it reacts to the overworking. The tester will look for system failures, memory leaks, or random behavior that the system may perform when pushed over its normal operating time.

Scalability testing is one of the more popular types of tests for growing businesses. This works by measuring the peak or threshold a system for a large number of a specific action. For example, transactions, user loads, and data volumes can all be tested for scalability to find what their threshold is before the system can’t do any more transactions, take on any more users, or save any more data. This is extremely important for businesses who are expanding as they need to ensure their software will stay consistent with their growing demands. By having scalability tested on a number of various factors, you can get a better idea of when you’re going to need to upgrade to another system to cover your business needs.

Performance testing is a growing field as more and more businesses are becoming reliant on technology to function. This type of testing allows business owners to be prepared for future issues and to combat many of them before they happen. If you’re a business owner that relies on software to operate, it’s a great idea to speak with a performance testing agency.