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Could Massachusetts’ Family Leave Law Become a Blueprint

The idea of mandated family leave has been slow to catch on in this country. However, now that a number of states have latched onto the idea, it seems to be more likely that paid family leave will eventually become universal. The big question is what it will look like. Massachusetts‘ new law could be a blueprint for the rest of the country.

As of October 1 (2019), Massachusetts workers are subject to additional payroll deductions that will go toward mandated family leave benefits. Said benefits will be available beginning in 2021. The delay gives the state enough time to fund the $800 million program. Workers will pay 0.75% of their pretax income to the state fund.

Some workers could pay less if their companies decide to offer a family leave plan more generous than that which the state mandates. According to BenefitMall, payroll companies should be able to help employers figure out what employee contributions should be based on the plan chosen.

What the Law Covers

An employee making $50,000 annually would contribute just under $200 to the state program each year. In exchange for those contributions, he or she would get up to 12 weeks of …