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Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Think of all the times you did creative things. You were a creative kid, weren’t you? Maybe, like me, you weren’t creative and had to get a math tutor in Markham to make the marks but we super creative in other classes. As a professional now, you can’t be the same. Things have to change.

Most people think that creativity ends once you grow up. That is not true. This article will show you how closely linked reigniting your creativity and innovation is closely related. Once you tap into your creative side, things will flow more naturally. Also, keep in mind that it’s all about confidence. Trust that you never lost that side of you.

We never stop being creative, what happens is that we fear being judged. When a great idea pops up, you say, ‘No, that is outrageous.’ What are the chances that other people had thought about making a light bulb, an airplane or the telegraphy but shrugged it off? How many times have someone in your team given a great idea and got a lot of attention and praise for it yet you’d thought the same thing and stayed quiet?

You won’t always give the best ideas, or, sometimes even the best ideas are rejected but keep at it, you never know when the next good idea will be what the world is asking for. How do you go about unlocking your creativity to get innovative ideas and becoming confident about it?

See things afresh: We often assume things. If a five-year-old came up to you and asked you what a photograph was, would you be able to answer them immediately? As the saying goes, if you cannot explain it to a five-year-old you do not understand it. That same logic applies to innovation. Act as though you don’t understand anything or that you are seeing things for the first time, you’d be amazed at the connections that you make about the world.

Become empathetic: Ego kills creativity- any guru can tell you this. We are told that if you want to run a successful business, it needs to solve a problem. When coming with innovative business ideas, do not think of yourself and your product or service as heroes. Take the time to get into someone else’s shoes. Do some research or hit the streets and see what people need. When you finally come up with a product that genuinely changes the lives of people, the money will come after.

Ask why: When two-year-olds are in the ‘why?’  When you think about it, some of these questions are quite hard to answer. A curious mind breeds the best ideas.

Ask the right questions: This may be hard at first. Stepping back allows you to shift your focus. If something is hard, take a break. You can have a walk; do chores- any activity that doesn’t require thinking. In that space, let your mind wander. It is during this time the subconscious mind works to make the connections and innovating answers to your business problems. It is them you can ask the right questions and create the right solutions.


Even with these ideas, iron sharpens iron. Find some creative minds to brainstorm with.